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    或许你应该抓紧时间看一些热门娱乐节目了,因为明年1月新一轮“限娱令”生效(go into effect)后,它们中的一些可能就面临被毙掉的危险了。而在这个全民娱乐的时代,观众的期待又是什么?
    For 21-year-old student Wang Zhexiao TV entertainment is a major source of fun in her life.
    From out-of-sync dancers in Supergirls and cross-dressing performers in China’s Got Talent to sharp-tongued commentators in dating show If You Are the One, she never grows tired of gossiping about emerging stars.
    But recently, the Wuhan University student has found that the running time of some shows has been shortened, while others have been delayed to late at night.
    “It has disrupted my schedule. I have to stay up to watch them now,” she said.
    The changes are part of a new trend instigated by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT). Last month it announced that it will curb the number of prime time entertainment programs in China on satellite TV channels.
    Entertainment shows refer mainly to four types of programs – dating, romance, talent and variety shows.
    Jin Delong, deputy director of SARFT, has confirmed that the restrictions will begin next January. SARFT requires that only nine entertainment shows should be broadcast daily by the 34 channels from 7:30 pm to 10 pm. Only two entertainment programs will be allowed to air each week per channel, with the length of each show being limited to 90 minutes.
    It suggests that TV channels should focus on education programs, news and moral building content, and there should be a minimum of 90 minutes of self-produced news each day.
    For some die-hard fans of the entertainment shows, the new rules sound annoying.
    “It greatly disturbs me, as I thought the wisecracking variety show hosts and hot candidates on the dating shows were the only things worth for me to wait in front of TV,” said Wang, a senior majoring in hydraulic engineering.
    Yu Guoming, a communications professor at Renmin University of China, says TV stations could lose money.
    “If the mass audience is interested in watching existing shows, changing them without offering new interesting ones will cause problems,” Yu said. “Sometimes the public needs psychological massage and relaxation through such programs.”
    According to the 2010 Report on Development of China’s Radio, Film and Television, entertainment shows had the highest ratings of satellite TVs in 2009.
    But other experts say that satellite channels or viewers are not likely to be deeply affected by the change. Zheng Baowei, director of the National Journalism Research Association said, “For those channels that have been doing well in creating good shows, adjusting to the new regulation should not take long.
    It is an opportunity for channels to be more innovative and come up with brand new attractive programs ”, according to Zheng.
    This stirs the interests of some more picky viewers. Xiao Sisi, 26, a planning manager at a foreign advertising company in Beijing, looks forward to seeing the effects of the new regulations.
    Some young viewers are thirsty for more news documentaries that offer an insight into society for a long time.
    They also whish for science and lifestyle programs that impart new knowledge that they could apply in life and work.
    “In my opinion, all TV shows should have a point to them. I do not care if the regulations ban programs that show nothing but stupidity and the low-taste pursuit of fame,” she said.
    “I don’t want to waste any time on that.” A survey conducted by news portal Ifeng.com found that of the 870,919 respondents 52.3 percent supported the regulations and 44.5 percent were against the ban.
    Many viewers are not bothered by the regulations as they often get their entertainment online.
    On the website of SARFT, it is stated that it resolutely opposes the spreading of “money worship, hedonism, and extreme individualism” in some entertainment programs.


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